Medical und Dental Mission im Kinderdorf

Insgesamt 151 Personen konnten im Rahmen einer kostenlosen Behandlung durch mehrere Ärzte und Zahnärzte im Kinderdorf untersucht, behandelt und mit Medizin versorgt werden. Zielgruppe waren stark sozial benachteiligte Familien und dabei schwerpunktmäßig deren Kinder aus Panabo City, mit welchen unsere Sozialarbeiter im Rahmen des Streetwork präventiv arbeiten.

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Playing Games…

When I arrived in Mariphil about 3 months ago, I had many games in my suitcase, par example „Skipbo“, „Elferraus“, „Make ‘n Break“ and so on. Nadja had asked me, what project I could do with the children and so I decided in preparation of my staying here, to play different games with them – card games, board games, games of dice, singing games, perhaps to read books – to do that things which grandmas are expected to do…

The first of all was the Song: „O vanni gonni sha“. The kids learned it very fast and they did it with enthusiasm – after a short time you could here everywhere in the village: „O vanni gonni sha…“



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You are interested in donating some money to MARIPHIL Children’s Village “Atong Pinuy-Anan” Inc., however you would like to know for what purpose your money is used? Well, then you should visit – this is a donation platform where you can decide for what need you would wish to donate your money to. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


A radio for typhoon protection, a computer and basketballs – chose your favourite demand and conjure a smile on our kid’s faces!

See you on!

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Happy Easter, MARIPHIL Children’s Village!

A new tradition was introduced to the MARIPHIL Children’s Village today. The popular
Easter Hunt! At first, the kids were very confused why they couldn’t simply eat the
eggs directly instead of drawing on them. However, they got the hang of it really
quickly and enjoyed the activity.

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Best time of the year: Summer Break

What was your favorite time of the year as a child? I think for all of us it was summer
break! This isn’t any different at the Children’s Village and the kids are really looking
forward on having the best time ever. We want to make this wish come true ‐
therefore, we planned four weeks of piratic, enchanted and Hollywood‐style
adventures! For those of you who haven’t guessed it already ‐ these four weeks are
going to be themed in “Pirate”, “Witch and Wizard”, “Hollywood” and “Adventures”
weeks. Sounds like a huge children’s birthday party, ain’t it?

Summer Break

To make the holidays unforgettable, your help is needed. As our budget is limited and
majorily consumed by operational costs throughout the year, there is only little money
left for amazing activities like these…

Therefore, we would be thrilled and thankful if you could donate 10€ to conjure a smile on the kid’s faces.

Daghang Salamat (Thank you very much) in advance and enjoy your holiday season!

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The Day of the Mamas outing

The Day of the Mamas outing was a special day for all mamas. It is the first outing for MARIPHIL Houseparents. All mamas were very excited. The mamas woke up early to cook for and prepare the children for school. At 8 in the morning all mamas went to Davao Ciy. Doesn’t know where exactly in Times Beach the Sharkfish Resort, mams decided to find the Kwell Shampoo first. After the reservation in the Sharkfish mamas decided to proceed in Forest Hill to have lunch. A little nap in the cottage below a hill overviewing pools below were so relaxing. Mamas also enjoy climbing the hill and swan in the pool. It’s almost 5 in the afternoon and mamas decided to went in Shrine Hills since a good place for meditation and communicating with God. It’s already night and which mamas where done. On the way back to the Resort we had a chance to pass to the Resort we had a chance to pass on Jack’s Ridge. It’s a good view from there the Davao city at night. With a nice pool and restaurants and a very nice place mamas can’t resist picture taking. It’s really tiring when we leave the Jack’s Ridge but mamas still went in People’s Park to stroll. Mams were tired so we sit there for a while. With hungry stomachs mamas decided to go back in Times Beach and find one resort where we spend our dinner. It was a beautiful day. A little wine and a chat in the room where we sleep and that’s the end of the day.


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